A note

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to the on-line home of emotion focused therapy (EFT). Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Do you believe that many of your daily emotions have a purpose?  If so, you may be interested in EFT.

Therapies that control emotions—such as cognitive therapy and medication management—have helped a large number of people. However, those therapies can be overused.  

Furthermore, there can be side-effects. Today too many people are cutting themselves off from their feelings—cutting themselves off from too much of what makes them feel human and truly alive.  

We’re alive because we feel. Yes, some of our emotions should be tempered. But many of our emotions—including some we’d rather not feel—can lead us towards greater well-being—individually and in our relationships... if only we'd allow them to do so. 

People can be helped through the modification of cognitions and the manipulation of neurochemicals—but with limits. As human beings we must also acquire the courage and skills to work with our emotions.

These aren’t new ideas. The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus (341BC–270BC) first stressed that both pleasant and unpleasant emotions can have a purpose. What is new is society's re-realization that a balanced approach is likely what's best.   

Yes, some feelings need to be controlled, and others should be changed. Some need to be listened to. Together let’s seek the wisdom to know which approach to use when.